SizzlingHot, The Good Old Slot GameSizzlingHot, The Good Old Slot Game

Sizzling Hot is a classic slot machine that you can play at a vending machine in a game room, but also in an Internet casino, i.e. in the World Wide Web.

Especially for people who have spent a lot of time in an arcade in the past, but also people who now only want to start playing such games, it is just the thing. The game belongs to the category of slot machine download and is among the most played games in several arcades all over Germany.

If you start the game Sizzling Hot, 5 reels appear on the screen. On these rollers are also many different fruits. Every fruit has a different value.  Casino With some fruits you win a little more and with some you win a little less. But how much you can exactly win on which fruit and what combination is necessary, you can read on a special table, which you can call as needed. There is little hair and of course easy to explain, when you have won or won much.

However, before you can move the reels, you must make a bet at a certain height. How exactly this application fails, you can set yourself. Remember, however, that you can win more if you bet more.

If you made a bet, the reels will eventually stay in a certain position and then decide whether you have made a profit or if you have to try again.

At SizzlingHot, there is also the no-deposit bonus 2013 in the form of a “7”. If a 7 appears correctly on each of the reels, you have won an instant win and will instantly get 50 Euros worth of money on your account if you make a 5 cent bet.

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