PokerVT Review – Online Poker TrainingPokerVT Review – Online Poker Training

PokerVT review (aka Poker Virtual Training) focuses on a new online poker training site which is the brainchild of much revered poker pro Daniel Negron.  Kid Poker has developed an intentionally unique method of poker training, which sees some of the top pro’s from both the real and virtual felt joining forces to provide an insightful yet practical approach to turning average players into profitable ones.

There are two factors which immediately set PokerVT apart from competing poker training sites.  Firstly, there’s a strong element to the training which translates well into live play, which those looking to develop brick and mortar skills will immediately want to take advantage of.  Secondly, PokerVT is striving to provide a more in depth analysis of poker theory and how it translates into correct play.  Instead of the typical ‘on the fly’ commentary we’ve become accustomed to with many training sites, PokerVT takes the analysis one step further.  Not only will the instructors pause during video’s when learning opportunities arise to delve into detailed analysis, PokerVT goes the additional step of pitting pro against pro on tables where the players themselves explain why they are making certain decisions and taking various actions. There’s no holding back, as each player is ‘mike’ but are wearing audio headphones which prevents them from listening to the comments of the other players.

There is an instant allure to the prospect of watching a whole table of professionals play out a hand where each and every piece of the puzzle is laid out bare. The poker training hits on tournament play, heads up, sit n go, and no limit hold’em cash games.  Both shorthanded and full ring games are covered.

The Pro’s

As the ambassador for poker and lifeblood of the PokerVT training program, Daniel Negron provides us the players with invaluable insight into the mind of the man who has eclipsed the competition in the world of poker personalities. We can start with his “Custom Course on Hold’em” which delves into basic strategies, game theory, how to play small ball poker and general poker playing guidelines.  Negron covers a range of situations including heads up, tournament play and cash games.

We enjoyed the “Hand Analysis” playbook where hands are presented in “live video” format with each hand receiving appropriate analysis and narration by Negron. Seeing Negrondissect other pro players such as Dee and Hatched in video replay is a gem, and goes some way to answering the question of just how differently high stakes players view the game, and their competitors.

With small ball it’s also important to be prepared to change gears.  By occasionally making use of larger bets in situations where we think our opponents holdings are meagre, or when we have good holdings, can make it easier to get paid off when we do finally hit our monster hands.  Selective aggression will be needed here.

Small ball poker is probably best suited to cash game play or in tournaments where blinds are small relative to stack sizes (primarily early stages).  It can be an extremely successful strategy and one apt to produce profitable results if employed correctly.